Our Musical Director

Dorian Edwards | Musical Director | singhealthyDorian Edwards has over 40 years’ experience of teaching, playing and performing music. He conducted his first musical group, a children’s brass band, at the age of 11. He was for some years a semi-professional musician and worked in many locations both in the UK and Europe. He will tell you however, that his most memorable experience was singing and playing some country music to audiences in Nashville, Tennessee.

Choirs have always been a passion of his and he believes strongly that anyone who wants to try should have the opportunity to sing in a choral group. In a recent magazine article he wrote:

“I believe if you can speak, you can sing, but too many people have a negative view of their singing and believe it should be confined to the bath or shower. I know that you can refine your voice and singing in a choir is the perfect way of doing that. After all, you are not singing alone and you have a number of voices singing with you to help you along. In 40 years I have only met two people who could not carry a tune in a bucket, but I still managed to help them become valuable members of a choir. Frankly, everyone should try it at least once for apart from being a great social activity, it’s the most fun you can have for ‘flumpance’…. “

In 2002 Dorian suffered a serious brain injury and knows that music and choral activities were a major contributory factor to his recovery and the functionality he enjoys today.. He can often be heard on BBC Radio Berkshire and is currently working on producing a major concert for March 2014 at Readings’ Hexagon Theatre.