New Site Up and Running

by | 15th June 2010 | 0 comments

small_logo_150x70 For all those new to the singhealthy “group”, I’d best explain that singhealthy is the new website that will become the central source of information for various choirs.

At the moment, these “various choirs” consist of singbramley, singwokingham and the latest addition singbracknell.

Previously, each singbramley and singwokingham had their own website but in order to reduce the amount of work involved in running a site for each choir, we took the decision to create one central source of information.

We will be moving any content that is common amongst all choirs over from singbramley and singwokingham during the coming weeks and building up the singbracknell section of the website as we going along.

Since we are doing this ‘on the fly’ a few errors may creep in and if you do spot any, you can email the and we’ll get them sorted as soon as we can.

Please bear with us as we continue to get the site up and running over the next few weeks.