Please note the date for this event – Monday 25th March 2013

Venue: the service is to be recorded at St Nicholas Church which is located in the heart of  Newbury at West Mills, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5HG.  [directions to the Church will be posted soon].

Times: 5.30pm for the sound check  and 7.30pm for the Service. However  we need to be in the Church by 7.15pm to be seated and settled.  Last year after the sound check choir members went to a cafe for a drink.  [We did the same at Christmas in Reading, we all dispersed to various locations for some sustenance and returned later for the recording.]

Songs:  How Deep The Father’s Love Is  &  The Lord is My Shepherd, Psalm 23 [NB not the Vicar of Dibley version].  These will be on the website as soon as we can manage.  Please download and print off the sheet music/lyrics if you possibly can as this helps us keep subscription costs down.

Important:  We do need to know numbers attending.  Please make sure you have indicated your availability to a member of your choir’s committee.  This will really help Dorian be prepared before the event. Thanks…

Lifts: I know already some members at Bracknell have offered transport to those other members needing a lift to Newbury.  If you need a lift please speak to a committee member at your choir rehearsal.  I’m sure there will be an empty seat somewhere.

Rehearsals:  We may need extra rehearsals and if this is the case these will almost certainly be held at the Methodist Church, Rose Street, Wokingham.  Details to follow on this one.

I wasn’t able to go last year but I believe it was a great evening. I am looking forward to it this year and hope to see lots of you there.   Ann Shaw