Emails from singhealthychoirs in Spam folder

JunkIf you find that emails from singhealthychoirs are ending up in your spam or junk folder, to prevent this from happening in future, you must mark the message as “not junk” or “not spam”.
On most email programs, simply moving the email from your spam/junk folder won’t prevent future emails from being incorrectly tagged.  You should be able to right click on any email in your spam/junk folder and choose the “Mark as Not Junk/Spam” option.
The same rule applies to any non spam/junk emails you find in that folder.  If they are incorrectly tagged, use the right click option to correct the tag as this tells your email program to not mark future emails incorrectly.

Training your emails auto-detection is also important.  Only mark actual spam/junk emails in your inbox/folders as spam/junk and not emails that you simply don’t want to see anymore. 
For example, if you’ve previously signed up to a list (such as giving your email address when purchasing something) and you find you are getting lots of emails in your inbox that you don’t really want to see, do not mark them as junk/spam, rather unsubscribe from future emails or set up a filter to move them elsewhere.  Incorrect tagging of junk/spam means that similar emails will also be treated as junk/spam regardless of who sent them. If you incorrectly tag certain messages as spam/junk, this may be applied to emails from other providers and not just the one you marked.  You also have the option of clearing your emails current training and starting again.


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