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Sandhurst Donkey Derby – Monday 30th May, 2016

Come to Sandhurst on Monday 30th May, 2016 for the 50th annual Donkey Derbystarting 11.00 am until 5.00 pm   Taking place at Sandhurst Memorial Park, Sandhurst, this is an al fresco event where singhealthychoirs will have a stand and be sponsoring a donkey and trap. ...
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Welcome to the singhealthychoirs website. Please take a look around and find out for yourself if one of our choirs may be what you are looking for. Better still; come along to one of our choir sessions free of charge and experience for yourself why singing in a mixed age group choir is a good idea. There are no auditions, no musical knowledge required and definitely no pressure. Ours are known as “Open Access Choirs” and are available to anyone over the age of 18. Choirs can seem comfortable, middle-aged and the ultimate in conformity, yet so much more going on behind the singing, the social atmosphere and the fun. A choir has been described as – “ A group of people giving themselves permission to politely scream in public – and in doing so making themselves feel amazing.” That’s a pretty good description and it’s available to people of all ages – young and old. People like you….
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Choral and popular singing, vocal training and socialising

We do try hard to get the balance right between developing our singing and choral style and having a good time each and every time we sing and meet together. All our choirs are social as well as musical activities and we don’t forget that you give up your leisure time to join us. One way we re-enforce the social aspect is by ensuring that every rehearsal has time for all choir members to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a good chat together. Our Musical Director is pretty insistent that a cup of tea and biscuit is available at every rehearsal (probably because he is desperate for one himself and won’t drink alone!!)

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Great for your health and wellbeing

There is so much evidence that singing is good for your health and wellbeing. I would invite you to look at some of the articles we have in Choirmasters Corner where you will find a wealth of information on exactly how you can benefit from being part of a choir. It would be lovely if you chose to sing with us, but we feel so passionately about the health benefits of singing that we would urge you to find the right choir for you, even if, heavens above, you don’t choose us. Choosing the right choir is more than just the songs they sing however, it really is how comfortable you feel, how welcomed you are made. We sing a wide range of music from old classics to modern popular music. We have a choirmaster who is an accomplished singer, but he never leads a song, preferring to have soloists from within the choir where needed. As he says himself “This choir is not the backing group for his voice. It’s their choir – the singers are the ones who matter.”
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“I always lacked confidence, but singing has made such a difference to me in both my working and social life”

– Sarah

“They told me at school I couldn’t sing and I believed that until I was 40. Since I have joined the choir I have found I can sing and have even performed a solo. I should have joined one much sooner!”

– Ossie

“My doctor is amazed as to how I have improved since I joined the choir. My breathing, my attitude and my outlook have all benefitted from singing with the choir”

– Chris

“Whatever the pressures of work or life, I never miss choir for there I am able to be myself and the singing helps the worries or concerns of life melt away”

– Tim

“Singing is better than sex”

– Ann

“I love the music, the money we raise of charity, the people and the buzz that choir brings”

– Marilyn

“If you are thinking about joining a choir, come and see us. You won’t regret it”

– Clare

“I come from a family of singers, but here at singhealthychoirs I am meeting people who show simple joy at singing together. It’s simply fantastic”

– Rhona

“Choir is my time in the week. It has helped me be much more confident with my children and family and we now sing all together in the car. My children know the songs my choir sing as well as me”

– Julia

“At singhealthychoirs we believe that the music we make comes from deep within ourselves. We might not be rock stars or opera divas, folk icons or blues giants - we are individuals singing together free from pressure, judgement or opinion. Singing like ourselves, for ourselves being the best we can be”

– Dorian Edwards, Musical Director