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One of the singhealthy choirs in action

If you would like to come join us, please feel free to attend any one of our sessions at any of our choirs.  The first week is free! We only ask that you use our contact form to send us a short message to let us know you’ll be attending.  On the night you attend, please make yourself known to who ever is on the door that night and they will ensure you have all the information you need for the night.

Once you have decided to join us on a more permanent basis, please ask your local membership secretary for the link to the registration form.  (Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a computer as we do still have a paper version !!).

Once we have received your registration details, you will be sent a username and password with which to access the website.

Please be aware that some ISP’s and free email providers will often accidentally mark emails as spam/junk.  If you have a spam/junk folder, please check it regularly after you have joined if you don’t hear anything back from us.   If you know how, please add the domain “” to your white-list.
BT Internet, Sky, Talktalk are examples of UK ISP’s.
Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail are examples of free email providers.
From experience, Google Gmail has proved to be the most reliable email service (other than self-hosted or company domains).